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Pub g game update

Season 5 rolls on,

and the vehicular hijinks continue with a new tool in your kit of destruction.

Update 5.2 brings to the Battlegrounds a new spike trap,

a navigational waypoint system, some balancing updates on Vikendi,

furthermore, better approaches to try out substance with PUBG Labs.
We’re kicking up dust on the Battlegrounds this update,

so let’s get right into it!

You can get ahead of the automotive assaults headed your way by deploying

the new Spike Trap to meet your ambush needs.

Fill your competition with road rage,

and blow their tires without having to be an eagle eyed sniper.

Surprise your competitors by setting up a party that really pops!

Miramar isn’t the only place the action is happening this season.

Vikendi has gotten a number of improvements and changes

to further develop the snowy island as a sniper’s playground.

Many buildings have had their windows reduced for more defensible sniper positions,

some buildings and debris have been removed for more sightlines in small cities,

while walls, trees, and rocks have been cleaned up in high traffic areas

for better maneuverability in vehicles.

Now you’re still going to want to watch those fishtails on the snow of Vikendi.

"This update also sees the addition of a new way to test out experimental content with PUBG Labs."

Labs will house experimental systems and game modes as we delve further into the Battle Royale’s

possibilities along with our community.

Keep an eye out for more information on our first experiment soon!

Feeling a little directionless?

While console players can expect this feature to be adapted for their controllers early next year,

PC players and their squadmates can now better plan their strategies, routes, and direction with a Way Point.

Get everybody on point as you drop multiple destination and route plans,

to plot your course all the way to the final circle.

Now connect the dots and bring home that Chicken Dinner.

As we head into PUBG’s Global Championship this month,

get to know the teams and players competing for their part of an over $2,000,000 prize pool,

by checking out the details of PGC from the game’s main menu.

Up-to-date rosters, stats and standings will be available

for all players and teams throughout the competition.

Apparatus up and observe PGC by obtaining an energizing cluster of selective in-game things,

with 25% of the net proceeds from total item sales being added to the overall PGC prize pool.

An additional 25% of item sale revenue will be awarded to participating

teams via the PGC ‘Pick’Em Challenge’ Event.

PGC is happening now, with the final matches playing out at

Oakland Arena in Oakland California on Nov 23-24.

Be sure to tune in and watch all the action on, Twitch or Youtube.

Now, throw down the throttle and hit the road,

but be prepared for a fight when your tires are blown and your fish-faced squadmate yells,

“It’s a Trap!”

Ambush, assault, and end the competition,

because it’s Your Fight,

Your Story,

Your Battlegrounds.


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